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What’s it all about?

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the heart of engineering with our Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering. This qualification is meticulously designed for young enthusiasts post-GCSE, poised at the threshold of discovering the vast and vibrant world of engineering. Whether your passion lies in aerospace, automotive, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering, this course lays the foundational stones for your future endeavors.

This comprehensive program spans across 120 guided learning hours, offering a deep dive into the realms of engineering communication and development. You will master the art of conveying complex ideas through engineering drawings and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems, understanding the intricate dance between concept and creation. Learn the nuances of using standard measurement in engineering, delve into the material sciences to discern the best resources for your projects, and explore the functionalities of mechanical and electrical components.

Our course doesn't just stop at theory. You will get your hands dirty by turning ideas into tangible prototypes, evaluating them against design criteria to refine and perfect. This synthesis of knowledge and skill prepares you not just for further academic pursuits like A-levels or sector-specific qualifications but also primes you for apprenticeship opportunities, bridging classroom learning with real-world application.

GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry, and English will complement your learning journey, enhancing your comprehension and application of the engineering principles explored in this course. With dedicated units on engineering communication and development, you are set to emerge as a proficient and insightful engineer, ready to innovate, design, and contribute to the engineering landscape of tomorrow.

Welcome to a course that not just educates but inspires, where every lesson is a step closer to becoming the engineer the future needs.

You will need 5 GCSEs at grade 4-9 including Maths, English and Science is desirable. Or a relevant level 1 qualification.

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19+ please enquire

The Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering, designed to ignite your passion and curiosity. Dive into hands-on projects, collaborative workshops, and real-world scenarios that bring engineering concepts to life. Assessment blends practical assignments with theoretical exams to showcase your skills and understanding, preparing you for real-world challenges. Whether aiming for further study or launching straight into an apprenticeship, our program is your springboard into the engineering world, providing the tools and confidence to excel. Start here, go anywhere—transform your curiosity into expertise and shape the future.

Unlock the full potential of your engineering journey with strong foundations in GCSE Maths and English. These aren't just subjects; they're essential tools in your engineering toolkit. Maths is the language of logic, powering everything from calculations to critical problem-solving in engineering. English hones your ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity and precision, vital for collaboration and innovation. Together, they amplify your learning in our Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering, preparing you for a future where you can analyze, innovate, and articulate like a pro. Elevate your engineering aspirations with the power of Maths and English – where your ideas take shape and your dreams become reality.

Step into the real world of engineering with our Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering! We offer exciting placement opportunities that bridge the gap between your passion and professional experience. Partnering with leading engineering firms, we provide hands-on placements where you can apply classroom knowledge to real-world projects, from innovative design to practical problem-solving. These experiences not only enhance your resume but also give you a sneak peek into your future career, allowing you to network with industry professionals and gain invaluable insights. Start your post-GCSE journey with us and transform your love for engineering into tangible skills and memorable experiences!

Dive into the engineering world with our Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering, where education meets industry. We pride ourselves on strong connections with leading engineering firms and innovators. These partnerships offer you exclusive insights into cutting-edge practices and future trends, ensuring your education is not just current but forward-thinking. Benefit from guest lectures, company visits, and real-world project collaborations that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our industry links are your gateway to a thriving career, providing unmatched opportunities to network, learn, and grow. Start your post-GCSE journey with us and connect with the heart of engineering excellence. Your future in engineering begins here, where your passion and our industry connections pave the way for your success.

Embark on your engineering adventure with a manageable commitment designed to fit your life post-GCSE. Our Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering is crafted for young visionaries like you, requiring a dedication of 120 guided learning hours. This part-time journey allows you to dive deep into the engineering world while balancing your personal life and other studies. Imagine, just a few focused hours a week can unlock the doors to your future in engineering, blending seamlessly with your aspirations and schedule. Begin your journey today and turn your passion for engineering into your next great adventure!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 9am and 4:30pm

Unleash your engineering potential with our Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering . Tailored for post-GCSE students passionate about shaping the future, this course offers a deep dive into engineering's core principles. Explore the art of communication and development in engineering, from intricate CAD designs to innovative prototyping. Whether you're eyeing further studies or diving straight into an apprenticeship, our program equips you with essential skills and a solid foundation. Join us and turn your engineering dreams into reality, paving your way to a career filled with innovation and discovery. Your engineering journey starts here!

Module 1: Engineering Communication
Unlock the secrets of engineering language with this module! Dive into the world of technical drawings and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems. Master the art of expressing complex engineering concepts with precision and clarity. It's not just about drawing; it's about communicating your brilliant ideas effectively to the world.

Module 2: Engineering Development
Bring your engineering ideas to life! Explore the journey from concept to prototype with hands-on experiences. Learn about different materials, their properties, and how they shape the products of tomorrow. Delve into manufacturing processes and understand the importance of evaluating designs against strict criteria. It's where your ideas evolve into tangible solutions.

What’s next?

Upon completing this Level 2 T Level Foundation: Engineering, the world is your oyster! Propel into further studies with T-levels or specialized diplomas in engineering, expanding your expertise. Or leap into the workforce with an apprenticeship, applying your skills in real-world scenarios. This course is your launchpad into sectors like aerospace, automotive, or renewable energies, opening doors to roles from design to diagnostics. Dream big and build bigger—your journey into engineering starts here, shaping a future where your innovations redefine our world.

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