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September 1 Year Level 2 Full-Time Bede Campus T Levels Apply Enquire

What’s it all about?

Ever dreamt of creating the next viral video, working behind the scenes on your favorite TV shows, or being the genius behind the hottest radio station? Welcome to the T Level in Broadcast Media, where your passion for all things media meets cutting-edge skills and endless creativity. This isn't just any course—it's your backstage pass to the world of broadcasting. Get hands-on experience, work with the latest tech, and learn from industry pros. Whether you want to be in front of the camera or behind it, this is your ticket to the fast-paced, always exciting world of media. Ready to turn your dreams into reality?

Study level Cost Additional fees
19+ please enquire It is essential that you have your own SD card and suitable external storage device or cloud storage. All other production kit is provided however you are welcome to use your own equipment should you wish to do so. There may trips and visits planned which could incur a small cost.

The course combines engaging classroom instruction with practical, hands-on experiences, ensuring you grasp the core and specialist knowledge needed for the media industry. Your skills will be honed through a mix of projects, teamwork, and a significant industry placement, giving you a taste of real-world challenges. Assessment is through exams, projects, and an employer-set project, designed to evaluate your understanding and readiness for the dynamic media sector. Prepare to unleash your creativity and turn your media dreams into reality!

GCSE Maths and English are super important for this programme because they sharpen your skills in ways you might not expect. Think about it: Maths powers your ability to manage budgets, understand data, and solve technical problems — all crucial in media production. English boosts your storytelling, communication, and critical thinking, helping you craft compelling content and express your creative ideas clearly. Together, they form a solid foundation, ensuring you can navigate the exciting world of media with confidence and creativity. So, these subjects aren't just school subjects; they're your tools for success in the media universe!

Prepare for your career in media with our thrilling placement opportunities! With hands-on experience in a dynamic digital production company, you could be crafting compelling content for social media, mixing sound for radio broadcasts, or even helping to set up the lighting for a major live event.

These placements are your golden ticket to discovering your niche in the media landscape, networking with professionals, and gaining invaluable insights. It's not just a placement; it's the first scene in the exciting story of your media career.

We work collaboratively with media companies, production houses, and broadcast studios to give you a real taste of professional life. You'll get to meet and learn from professionals, join workshops led by experts, and even visit state-of-the-art studios to see media magic in action. These industry links are your gateway to understanding the latest trends, technologies, and techniques that shape the world of media. Dive into this course, and you're not just learning – you're connecting with the heart of the media world, setting the stage for a thrilling career!

This two-year journey requires a commitment of around 1200 hours of learning. But don't worry, it's not all classroom time! You'll spend 80% of your time mastering new skills with hands-on projects and engaging lessons at college. The remaining 20%? You will undertake a minimum of 315 hours on an industry placement, giving you a taste of real media production life. Manage your time, unleash your creativity, and prepare for an exciting future in media!

Lesson will be Monday – Friday between 9.00 – 17.00

The specialist aim for this course is content creation and production and will take place in our new specialist media building, which will include a purpose-built newsroom, film studio and radio studio. This course will give you well rounded skills that are essential in the media industry and will offer you many opportunities to develop your specialist interests.

The Creative Economy: Discover the vibrant world of media and how it contributes to our culture and economy. Get ready to explore different career paths and understand the impact of your creativity.

Media Production Techniques: Discover the secrets of creating compelling content. From scripting to shooting, learn the techniques that bring stories to life.

Digital Landscapes: Navigate the ever-changing digital world. Understand social media, streaming platforms, and digital marketing to make your mark online.

Storytelling and Content Creation: Unleash your imagination. Learn how to craft engaging stories and develop content that resonates with audiences across different platforms.

Industry Software and Tech: Become a tech whiz. Get hands-on with the latest media software and technology that will transform your creative ideas into reality.

Professional Skills and Ethics: Build your professional toolkit. Learn about teamwork, communication, and the ethical considerations of working in the media industry.

What’s next?

T Level in Media Broadcast and Production will open the door to a universe of opportunities! Dive deeper into your passion with higher education options like a degree in media studies, digital production, marketing or film and television. Or, if you’re eager to hit the ground running, step directly into the media world with roles in broadcasting, content creation, or media technology. Apprenticeships offer another fantastic pathway, blending learning with on-the-job experience in cutting-edge media positions. Whichever path you choose, you’re set for a thrilling adventure in the dynamic, creative media industry. Your future in media starts here – dream big and create without limits!

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