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What’s it all about?

The T Level Technical Qualification in Digital Support Services is a revolutionary step towards equipping ambitious post-GCSE students with the real-world skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the digital sector. This qualification, aimed at students with a fervent interest in digital services, blends classroom learning with on-the-job experience, ensuring that learners are not just job-ready but are well on their way to a flourishing career in digital support.

The course encompasses a comprehensive core component where students gain an in-depth understanding of the digital business environment, the impact of digitalisation on markets, and the importance of technical change management. Subjects like business context, data management, digital analysis, and digital environments form the crux of the learning, providing students with a solid foundation in the digital world.

The qualification includes an Occupational Specialism in Digital Support, where learners can tailor their education to their career ambitions, gaining hands-on experience in specific areas of the digital support services sector.

Industry placements are a key element of the qualification, offering a unique opportunity for students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world environments, bridging the gap between theory and practice. This hands-on experience not only enhances learning but also significantly boosts employability prospects.

The qualification is designed for students who are passionate about the digital world and are looking for an educational pathway that provides both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. By completing this qualification, students will not only achieve a strong understanding of the digital services sector but will also develop the critical skills needed to succeed in a variety of digital support roles.

With its strong focus on industry-relevant skills and knowledge, coupled with real-world work experience, the T Level in Digital Support Services opens doors to a range of career paths in the digital sector. It's a perfect stepping-stone for those looking to make a significant impact in the digital world.

You will need 4 GCSE's at grade 4-9. Or a relevant Level 2 qualification.

Study level Cost Additional fees
19+ please enquire Students may incur additional costs travelling to and from their industry placements

The T Level in Digital Support Services is all about interactive learning and real-world application. You'll dive into digital topics in class and apply what you learn in actual work settings. Expect a mix of engaging classroom activities, group discussions, and hands-on projects. Assessments include written exams and practical assignments, designed to test your understanding and skills in real-life scenarios. It's not just about learning; it's about doing. So, if you're ready to challenge yourself and make a mark in the digital world, this programme is your springboard.

GCSE Maths and English are vital for the T Level in Digital Support Services. These subjects underpin the technical and communication skills you'll need in the digital world. Maths sharpens your problem-solving abilities, crucial for understanding data and technical details. English enhances your ability to communicate clearly, an essential skill whether you're writing reports or explaining complex information to clients or colleagues. So, having these GCSEs isn't just a tick box; it's about equipping you with foundational skills that are crucial in any digital role. Plus, they're required to successfully complete the T Level, setting you up for a bright future in the digital sector. Ready to make your mark in the digital world? These subjects are your first step!

In the T Level in Digital Support Services, you'll have the chance to experience real-life work settings through industry placements, making up a vital part of your learning journey. This is more than just a peek into the professional world; it's an opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge in actual work environments. This might be in network management or IT support depending on your area of interest.

These placements are designed to give you a leg-up in the industry, honing skills that are directly relevant to your future career. They provide a unique chance to get hands-on experience, understand workplace dynamics, and maybe even kickstart your professional network. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to test out your chosen field, ensuring it’s the right fit for you. So, as you step into this exciting phase of your education, you're not just learning; you're doing, creating a solid foundation for your career in digital support services. Ready to dive into the real world of digital? Your industry placement is where it all begins!

In the T Level in Digital Support Services, you'll have unique access to industry links that can significantly shape your future career. The program is deeply integrated with the real-world digital sector, ensuring you're learning the latest trends and practices that matter most. Industry standards and professional codes of conduct, essential for shaping a professional digital support services environment, are a crucial part of your learning.

You will gain insights from leading organisations and standards bodies, such as the British Standards Institution, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Internet Engineering Task Force, ensuring you're up-to-date with global best practices and technological standards. Furthermore, partnerships with local and national digital businesses provide you with industry placements, offering a first-hand experience of the digital workplace and the opportunity to network with professionals.

This direct link to industry professionals and organisations not only enhances your learning experience but also boosts your employability, providing you with a foot in the door to start your career in digital support services. So, if you're ready to connect your passion for digital with the vast opportunities of the tech industry, this course is your launchpad?

The T Level in Digital Support Services is designed to be engaging and manageable for you, with a time commitment that balances learning and life. The course unfolds over two years, typically requiring about 1200 hours of study, translating to around 15-20 hours a week during term time. This includes classroom learning, independent study, and an industry placement, giving you a well-rounded experience without overwhelming your schedule. It's structured to ensure you have enough time for self-study, social activities, and part-time work if you wish. Dive into this exciting journey at a pace that keeps you inspired and stress-free!

Monday – Friday


The T Level in Digital Support Services is designed for you, the digital enthusiast stepping beyond GCSEs, aiming to launch you into the dynamic world of digital careers. It blends classroom insights with real-world experience, focusing on digital environments, support, and infrastructure. Whether you are tech-savvy, a problem-solver, or innovative, this course equips you with the expertise for a thriving future in digital services. It’s your gateway to becoming a professional in a sector that shapes our world. Ready to transform your passion into a career? This is where it starts.

This dynamic curriculum is crafted to ignite your passion for digital technologies, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Each module is a stepping stone towards becoming a digital support services professional, ready to innovate and solve the challenges of the digital world.

- Business Context: Learn how digital projects fit within a business, understand different business models, and see how digital solutions impact markets and customers.

- Culture: Explore the role of workplace culture, including ethics and professionalism in digital environments.

- Data: Dive into data types, structures, and legislation, learning how to use and protect data effectively.

- Digital Analysis: Gain skills in analyzing digital systems and processes to improve and innovate within digital environments.

- Digital Environments: Understand different digital platforms, their components, and how they are managed and maintained.

- Diversity and Inclusion: Learn the importance of inclusive practices and how they benefit digital projects and teams.

- Learning and Development: Discover the value of continuous professional development in the fast-evolving digital sector.

- Legislation: Get to grips with the legal considerations in digital support services, including data protection and intellectual property rights.

- Planning and Project Management: Develop your skills in planning and delivering digital projects, understanding methodologies, and managing resources.

- Security: Understand cybersecurity principles, risks, and how to protect digital systems.

- Testing: Learn how to systematically test digital systems and software to ensure they meet requirements and standards.

- Tools and Technology: Explore the tools and technologies used in the digital sector, learning how to apply them effectively.


What’s next?

After completing the T Level in Digital Support Services, a world of opportunities awaits! You can leap straight into a fulfilling career as a digital support technician or IT solutions technician. Alternatively, you might choose to escalate your expertise by pursuing higher education in computing, digital support, or network management. This qualification is your golden ticket—whether you’re diving into the workforce or further sharpening your skills at university, the digital future is yours to shape.

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