Course Type / Attendance

Distance Learning

Subject Area

Team Leading

Start Date

Call 0191 511 6000

Course Length

16 weeks





Course Level


Home / Course / Principles of Team Leading

Who is this course for?

This course will develop and improve your practical skills and knowledge in order to become a successful team leader. It is suitable for anyone who is new to a team leading role, or those who are hoping to become a team leader as they advance their career.

What do you need to apply for the course?

Those wishing to undertake the certificate should be aged 19 or over.

You will need to have at least a Level 1 qualification in literacy as you will be expected to write answers for assessment purposes.

Call our team on 0191 511 6478 to enroll.

What are the key things you'll learn?

  1. Principles of Team Leading
  2. Understanding business
  3. Communicating work-related information
  4. Managing performance and conflict in the workplace
  5. Principles of Equality and Diversity in the workplace
  6. Developing working relationships with colleagues
  7. Health and Safety procedures in the workplace
  8. How to develop and deliver a presentation

How you will learn

You will be allocated your own study pack and have a personal tutor who you can contact throughout your studies. You will be required to work through a series of tasks and activities designed to reinforce the learning process and demonstrate your knowledge. This will mainly consist of a written assessment for each unit, which will be assessed by the tutor.

This course is available fully online, fully paper-based or paper-based with online assessments.

Where could this course take you?

This course will support progression to a team leading role and advance your career.

Other distance learning courses to support career progression include:

  • Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Business Administration
  • Level 2 Certificate in Information, Advice and Guidance
  • Level 2 Certificate in £Equality and Diversity

What costs will you incur?

This course is free.