With the new term starting, you can find your induction timetable here.

You would have been given all of your induction information when you enrolled as a student with us at your enrolment event. If you need a reminder, find the subject area that your will be studying below and click the link to navigate to your course and see when your induction sessions will take place.

Please be aware, some course inductions are split into multiple sessions. If applicable, you will have been informed of your induction group at your enrolment event, so please make sure to check the group sessions on your timetable.


Find your subject area below and click to view your induction timetable:

Automotive Engineering

Construction and Building Services

Creative, Digital and ICT



Hair, Barbering and Beauty

Health and Care

Hospitality, Tourism and Business

Sport and Uniformed Public Services

Sunderland Sixth Form (A-Levels)