Our state-of-the-art Health Hub provides outstanding facilities for our students. It includes a three-bed hospital ward, treatment room and sluice area with industry standard equipment, a self-contained apartment that features mobile device-controlled lighting and entrance cameras to mirror a modern home care environment.

  • Ageing suits
  • Pregnancy suits
  • Patient mannequins
  • Real Care infant simulators
  • Demonstration models i.e. lung digestive system, pregnancy.
  • Industry standard medical equipment i.e. blood pressure and heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters.
  • Mock ambulance interior

To ensure our students learn in industry standard facilities and professional working environments.

Our students can develop real health professional skills for a future career and experience the expectations and technology used in the workplace. It also prepares our Level 3 students for their placements.

Role play situations to develop communication skills, self-confidence and other personal and social skills and professional behaviours.

Practical anatomy and physiology sessions using the lungs and the body systems to learn how they work and the effects of illness on the body.

Exploring the effects of physical and psychological ageing on the body using ageing suits to experience the restrictions on movement sight and independence.

Hands-on experience of taking vital signs i.e. blood pressure and peak flow, weight and height linked to nutrition and monitoring health.

Simulating caring for people in their own homes and hospital.

Risk assessments within a health or care setting.

“I look at the Sunderland College students being put through their paces in the Health Hub and I see ready-made healthcare professionals. As an employer I could take on any one of these young people and know that Be Caring is welcoming a highly-trained and motivated professional.”

Lance Gardner, Clinical Director and Chairman, Be Caring

“Thanks to my time in the Health Hub, nothing fazed me on my placement at the A&E department, City Hospitals Sunderland. It would have been far too daunting otherwise.”

Aniqa Begum, Level 3 Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

The health and social care sector is very broad so there's lots of different settings and job roles to choose from. Everyone relies on the specialist skills of a health and social care professional at some point so you will always be in demand.

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