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Achieve your goals

With this year’s Global Enterprise Week (GEW) starting today, former Sunderland College student, Adam Clark, 20, explains how and why he decided to turn his passion for football in to a business.

<p>This year’s Global Enterprise Week (GEW) starts today and one former Sunderland College student who started his own business is urging other young people in the region to follow his footsteps.</p>
<p>Taking place in over 118 countries GEW runs from November 14 to 20 and aims to encourage people to be enterprising and start their own business.</p>
<p>One of the ways the North East is combatting the high unemployment rates is by entrepreneurs, particularly students, starting their own businesses rather than joining the job hunt.</p>
<p>One such student is Adam Clark, 20, from New Silksworth, Sunderland.</p>
<p>Adam had dreams of becoming a professional footballer. After completing his Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching at Sunderland College he spent a year on trial with Darlington FC. But it wasn’t to be and Adam decided to turn his passion for football in to a business.</p>
<p>He returned to his studies and Adam is now in his third year of a degree in Sport and Exercise Development. In February this year, while still studying, Adam launched his company Soccer Central UK.</p>
<p>Now Adam teaches the young footballers of the future. As well as evening clubs and one-to-one sessions with around 50 children a week, Soccer Central UK is also contracted by Mill Hill Primary School in Doxford Park, Sunderland, to run PE classes and the after-school clubs.</p>
<p>Adam said: “There are so many people out there going after the same jobs that starting my own business seemed the logical thing to do. I’m using my education and my passion for football to earn a living, and I’m enjoying every minute.</p>
<p>“As well as running my company I’m still studying at Sunderland College finishing my third year so that I can get my degree in Sports and Exercise Development.</p>
<p>“My lecturers have been very helpful, offering me advice on how to approach the schools and where to go for support to start my business.</p>
<p>“I’d really recommend that other students seriously think about starting their own business.</p>
<p>Angela O’Donoghue, principal of Sunderland College said: “Global Enterprise Week is a fantastic opportunity for people to investigate whether running their own business is an option for them.</p>
<p>“It’s an incredibly tough marketplace for young people searching for a job and it’s fantastic that Adam, and students like him have the confidence and skills to set up their own businesses.</p>
<p>“We make sure our students are well equipped for the workplace. Whether that’s on-the-job training and work placements as part of their vocational courses, or taking advantage of our close links with local businesses and the job prospects that brings.”</p>
<p>GEW 2011 runs November 14 – 20. For more information, <a href=”http://www.gew.org.uk”>www.gew.org.uk</a>.</p>

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