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A Dalek visited the college today as part of a week-long activity focusing on prejudice and inequalities.

The replica of the Dr Who character is visiting each of the five campuses as part of a road-show of activities across Equality and Diversity Week.

Joe Leggett, director of learning support at Sunderland College, said: “We were trying to think of a creative way of explaining diversity and engaging with the students. In Dr Who the Daleks have a very hierarchical society, with prejudices within their ranks based on their colour.

Each day the Dalek and the road-show are visiting a different campus, with representatives from key charities and agencies holding events and talking to the students about their activity. The charities include Guide Dogs, Amnesty International, Age UK, Sunderland Arch and Washington Mind.

Alongside the road-show there are other events taking place including a ‘Kick Racism out of Football’ tournament at Bede campus, Japanese culture session at Usworth campus and much more.

Joe Leggett, director of learning support at Sunderland College, said:”The college’s Equality and Diversity Week keeps getting bigger every year, with more and more agencies becoming involved. This year’s theme is ‘pride not prejudice’ and it’s really central to everything we are doing across the week.

“It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the diverse region within which we all live and work, and showcase the work being done by charities as well as the communities.

“Our students really enjoy the week, making the most of the opportunity to get involved, learn about the important issues surrounding equality, have their say and make a difference.

“One of the most popular activities this year was the Kick Racism out of Football tournament held on Wednesday December 7 at Bede campus. We’re aiming to really raise awareness of this vitally important issue, and make a change at the grassroots level.

“Another popular event with the students is the Guide Dogs, with handlers and puppies coming in to show the students their work.”

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