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Teaching the global language of football

Football, the saying goes, ‘is a universal language’ and that proved true for Michele Di Mascio who travelled to Denmark to share his expertise with the country’s FA over the weekend

Michele, 28, a Lecturer at Sunderland College’s Football Development Centre was asked to speak at a conference held by the Danish FA about the research he carried out looking at the most intense periods during matches and how this knowledge can be used to develop fitness tests and training drills.

He said: “I was honoured to be asked to go to Denmark and had an enjoyable time explaining my research and how it can benefit football managers and their teams.

“When I started my research it was something I could never have expected.

“I had a few ideas about the conference before I went but I never realised the size of it or how widely respected it was.

“I had lots of interested people coming to talk to me after my presentation, so once I’ve finished my PhD it will be something I hope to look into further.”

The research is of most interest to football team managers wanting to know when to make substitutions and tactical changes that will be of most benefit to their team.

Michele, who is also studying for a PhD at the University of Sunderland, conducted his research by studying hours of player footage from the Premier League.

Don Peattie, Head of Department for Sport and Enrichment at Sunderland College, said: “Michele’s knowledge is great for the college and his going to Denmark is great news for the Football Development Centre.

“His expertise is invaluable to the students and demonstrates the high quality of staff we have here at the college.”

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