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Homecoming heroes

Home Grown academic talent has returned to Sunderland to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Students from Jesus College, Cambridge, attended the event at Sunderland College to talk about their experiences of university life.

The event is intended to raise aspirations and provide North East students with tips and hints on applying to study at Oxford or Cambridge.

Laura Mitford, Sunderland College enrichment officer, said: “We really want to make sure that every one of our students has the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

“Quality events like this are aimed at supporting those with the desire and ability but maybe not the confidence to apply for the top universities.”

Aiden Goulden, 18, from Herrington, Sunderland, is studying chemical engineering at Cambridge.

He said: “Many people from Sunderland might be put off from applying to top universities but the idea of the talks was to motivate students and show them it can be done and they can go on to do really well.

“They should be more confident about their applications and the universities they can go to, especially if they have a real passion about the subject they hope to study.”

Amy Lyall, 16, dreams of becoming a doctor – she’s now an A Level student at Sunderland College.

She said: “I’m considering applying to Cambridge University so the talk was really useful.

“It covered a lot of things I haven’t previously considered such as welfare and activity clubs, and gave us lots of really useful application tips.

“What I found most useful though was that it was being given by someone from the North East who I could really relate to.”

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