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Find Your Future

Whether they want to be medics or mechanics, young people from across the North East are being invited to think about their futures at an event held by Sunderland College.

<p>Open to parents and pupils from year-nine upwards, the Find Your Future event takes place at the College’s Bede campus on Wednesday, June 19, from 1pm.</p>
<p>The exhibition style open day will include more than 28 different organisations such as top universities, voluntary groups and even an American sports scholarship agency.</p>
<p>Andrew Calder, educational guidance officer at Sunderland College, said: “Young people have so many options open to them now that picking the right one may seem a little daunting.</p>
<p>“That’s where Find Your Future comes in, the event will give them facts about everything from apprenticeships and studying at university, to the benefits of volunteering, studying abroad and taking a gap year.</p>
<p>“We’ve got a huge variety of organisations signed up to attend and some fantastic speakers and workshops – all offering straight-forward advice.”</p>
<p>Workshops include those on understanding student finance, how to write a personal statement and what to do if you’re considering taking a gap year.</p>
<p>Key organisations in at the event include Gap Medics, which specialises in overseas placements for budding medical students and Athletes USA, which helps UK students find sports scholarships in America.</p>
<p>Closer to home representatives from universities including Sunderland, Newcastle, Northumbria, York St. John, Glasgow and Leeds will be in attendance as will a number of Sunderland based organisations who can help with voluntry placements around the North East.</p>
<p>There will also be existing Sunderland College students at the event answering any questions people may have about the College.</p>
<p>One, Beth Humphrey, 17 from Seaham, is studying A Levels is Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Beth aims to study medicine at university.</p>
<p>Beth said: “It’s really important that young people start thinking about their futures from a young age. It sounds scary but the choices you make when you’re 16 can then impact the options open to you at 18.</p>
<p>“I knew I wanted to work medicine but didn’t realise the value universities placed on voluntary experience.”</p>
<p>“So I’ve started volunteering at a care home and I’m off to the Czech Republic to volunteer in a hospital for a month.”</p>
<p>Jack Stanger, 19, a sports apprentice at Sunderland College, said: “The best advice I can give to other young people about what to do post 16 is to follow their interests and research the types of jobs that match with these.</p>
<p>“At 14 the idea of working still seems years off but it comes round quicker than you think.”</p>
<p>For more information about the event visit <a href=”http://www.sunderlandcollege.ac.uk/findyourfuture”>www.sunderlandcollege.ac.uk/findyourfuture</a></p>

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