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College reports boost in apprenticeships

Sunderland College has seen a significant rise in the number of apprentices it trains, as the government pledges its continued support for the national scheme.

Business Secretary Vince Cable announced last week that two million apprenticeship roles have been created in the past four years, and he revealed a host of new employer-designed apprenticeships were also to be established.

Following the announcement, Sunderland College has released its figures which reveal a 20 per cent rise in the number of apprenticeships delivered in the past 12 months.

The college supported more than 1,000 apprentices last year and it is expecting these numbers to rise as it introduces new employer-focused apprenticeships.

Jane Thompson, Sunderland College’s Director of Enterprise and Commercial Development, said: “We are delighted that local employers are seeing the benefits of employing apprentices and supporting young people. This scheme is very successful and 92 per cent of the apprentices who train at Sunderland College go straight into full-time employment.

“Not only do our figures show that the amount of apprenticeships are increasing year-on-year, but we are also seeing more enquiries from both employers and individuals across a range of sectors who are interested in the apprenticeship programme.”

Sunderland College offers more than 35 apprenticeships in professions including IT, business administration, painting and decorating, catering and hospitality, health and social care, and accountancy.

Apprenticeships are a popular training route for individuals as they gain new skills and qualifications while earning a wage, and employers benefit from taking on staff who will be trained to meet their requirements while receiving grant support from the government.

The college has formed strong partnerships with a number of employers in the region to identify and develop apprenticeship programmes specifically for their businesses, including Tombola, The Test Factory, Gentoo, EE, UKAR, Sunderland Care and Support and Sunderland Home Care Associates.

Jane added: “As a trusted apprenticeships provider, we are working with businesses across the North East to create tailored programmes which suit their skills and workforce needs. We liaise closely with the employers to understand the requirements of their business in order to identify the appropriate framework, and we continue to support the employer and individual through every step of the apprenticeship. As well as working with employers to recruit and train new apprentices, we also offer apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships to businesses’ current employees as an upskilling option.

“We are extremely proud of our industry-led approach to the apprenticeship programme and our expertise in this area. Our reputation is continuing to grow as we build links with more and more employers and we look to create further apprenticeships in engineering and law.”

For more information about Sunderland College apprenticeships, click here, email employers@sunderlandcollege.ac.uk or ring 0191 5116000.

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