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Students showcase stunning visual arts work

Jessica Watson and Kimberly Mcginty are displaying their work at the college’s Visual Arts End of Year Show

Gifted visual arts students from Sunderland College are putting the final touches to their incredible pieces of work as they prepare for their end of year exhibition.

An array of artistic creations will be on display across three floors of the college’s state-of-the-art visual and performing arts building from tomorrow (Thursday).

Scores of students from a range of visual arts disciplines including fine art, media, photography, graphics, fashion and games design are exhibiting their creations at the show, which is open to the public.

The pieces reflect a variety of themes and topical issues, for example the acceptance of transgender people into society, flaws and perfections in women, and the link between appearance and self-confidence.

A-Level Photography student Rebecca Dono, 18, is from High Barnes in Sunderland and has now finished her studies at Sunderland College.

She said: “The work I have on display relates to the theme of flaws and perfections so I was trying to work with the ideal look that girls aspire to be like. I’m really happy that my work is on display and I’m looking forward to continuing my photography studies at the University of Sunderland.

“I’ve been into photography for as long as I remember and my dreams and ambitions are to study photography further and hopefully one day become either a music photographer or freelance photographer.”

AS Fine Art and Photography student Jessica Watson, 17, has just finished her first year at the college and is exhibiting a self-portrait painted with acrylics, called ‘Alone’, an oil pastel drawing of her sister, which she has named ‘Explosion’, and she is also displaying some of her photography work which examines the relationship between appearance and self-confidence.

Jessica, from Tunstall in Sunderland, said: “I am excited and nervous about my work being on display as I’m anxious about other people’s reactions – I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

“My time at the college so far has been wonderful and has allowed me to further my creative abilities. After college I hope to attend the University for the Creative Arts so that I can get the necessary qualifications to become an art teacher.  My dream is to become an artist and teacher so that I can hopefully inspire students in the same way that I have been inspired.”

Clare Moon, 41 from Plains Farm in Sunderland, has just completed an Access to Photography course at the college.

The work Clare is exhibiting is called ‘Genitals do not Define my Gender’ and illustrates the dressing process of a transgender person and their experience of a night out.

She said: “I decided to do this work after meeting a transsexual lady who informed me of what she goes through every day to be accepted into society. It represents how we are born a certain sex, but on the inside our gender can be completely different – it’s about acceptance.

“I’m thrilled that the work is being displayed as it brings home its purpose that transgender people are not to be feared or ridiculed for being different but embraced as fellow humans.

“I have enjoyed this last year at college, and I have now enrolled onto the Foundation Degree in Applied Photography three-year course. I enjoy documentary photography and would love to expand on that with further projects.”

Seventeen-year-old Kimberly McGinty has completed her AS Levels at the college and is exhibiting work she has produced for her fine art course.

She said: “The piece that is being exhibited is my final piece from my art exam in May. Our topic was ‘Relationships’ – I decided to explore the relationship a subject has with themselves and how someone portrays themselves to the rest of the world. This is shown through the split portrait I created, one half black and white which is the side that they show, and one half in colour which is the side that they hide but would like to show.”

Kimberly, who is interested in a career in animation or film, added: “I am excited for my work to be on display as it is something that I am proud of from my AS Fine Art course. I have really enjoyed my time at college and I am looking forward to continuing my courses in September. Fine Art has enabled me to learn and develop new skills that I can use when I progress onto A2.”

Mike Jaques, head of visual arts at Sunderland College, said: “This year’s exhibition, in our new stunning visual and performing arts academy, showcases a superb range of work demonstrating the  creativity, dedication and technical skill of visual arts and media students from across a range of courses and levels. The work is of the highest calibre and reflects the quality of our new facilities and the dedication of the teaching team.”

Students on visual and performing arts courses moved to their new multi-million pound facilities at Bede campus last September.

The new development features a theatre; film screening room; media/TV, drama, dance, art, and fashion and clothing studio; two industry standard recording studios; a music technology suite; photography studio; dark room and film processing facilities.

The Visual Arts End of Year Show’s opening night will take place on Thursday 25 June from 6-8pm, with nibbles and drinks provided. The show will run throughout July and entry is free. Visitors are asked to report to main reception at Bede campus.

For more information, click here visit www.sunderlandcollege.ac.uk or call 0191 5116000.

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