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Engineering students engage in fun filled afternoon of Football

A range of teams from the engineering faculty at Sunderland College recently took part in an afternoon of football so that they could work on developing their teamwork and communication skills.

The Welding and Motor Vehicle students took part, giving them a chance to socialise with others who study in the same curriculum area and build on their decision making skills. The proposal is to start a mini league soon with the teams playing each other once a month.

Steve Gardner Sunderland College Lecturer in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering said:

“The idea originated from our students, so we thought we would arrange a match for them. The friendly rivalry between engineering and motor vehicle gave us an ideal starting point. The learners all joined in and it was great to see them working as a team and enjoying themselves.”

Gavin Uppal, Level 3 Welding student added:

“The football matches where a great way for us to get out of college and show the lecturers our skills on the pitch instead of in the workshop. Obviously we won as welders are the best as usual!”

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