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NHS Learning Disability Wellbeing Pop up Service visits Sunderland College

Sunderland College foundation learning students recently took part in an NHS pop up clinic to help the students learn more about their health.

At the event, the students had the chance to get their blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes risk, height, weight and hearing checked by health professionals. In learning more about their individual health, this has enabled the students to gain a better understanding of why they should look after their health and what could happen if they didn’t. They were also given the chance to discuss strategies that they can use to improve their health and who they can talk to about different health problems.

The Directions department at Sunderland College work closely with health professionals from the Adult Learning Disability Team in Sunderland and this event was a fantastic opportunity for staff in college to support students in accessing medical assessments.

Nicola Gallagher, Sunderland College Speech and Language Therapist said:

“Individuals with learning disabilities are more likely than those without to die prematurely from a variety of conditions and within Sunderland College we are eager to support students in understanding their health needs and strategies that they can learn to improve their health not just in college but also at home.

As a result of the event, health issues have been picked up and students can get the health advice they need which will ultimately improve their health, lifestyle and wellbeing in college which has made organising such a big event like this so worthwhile!”

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it was fun and positive with interactive games and even the college staff got to participate in the health checks!

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