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International partnership inspires free maths learning resources

We are very pleased to announce that a full suite of 40 videos for level 2 (and higher) mathematics, produced by Sunderland College and its international partners as part of an Erasmus+ funded project, are now available.

The videos are copyright free resources not only for Sunderland College students to use but for the benefit of anyone who wants to improve their maths skills, without charge, outside of the college.

The videos are available,  on Sunderland College’s virtual learning environment and also, in multiple languages, here, on the project’s YouTube channel.

Gerard Elder, Learning Innovation Manager, said: “The project involved a lot of hard work from a great many people over two years, but now we’re starting to see the rewards: students are making progress in their maths with the help of these easy to understand video resources.”

Students from the College’s Digital, Creative and Business Faculty contributed both to the animation of the videos and to their narrations and several classes of our Level 2 Maths students and their lecturers had an input into the content and design of them, shaping them into videos that they themselves would like to see. A cross-curricula group of our students also took part in major project meetings both in Sunderland and also in Bucharest. We thank everyone for their excellent input and support.

The college’s project team completed the two-year project of video production on 31 October 2019 which has resulted in the open-source availability of a comprehensive suite of maths videos and accompanying resources. The students who participated in the creation of the videos and in the cultural events associated with the project benefited from their experience gained. Now that the videos are starting to be used, our students will benefit from this as the videos cover many major topic areas on our level 2 maths programmes and can be used either as introductions to new areas of maths, for course support or for revision. They can also be used by students on other courses who might just want to improve their maths skills for use in their own programmes of study.

The project team made lots of contacts with the partners overseas and hope to work with them again in the future. The main purpose of the project – to help students to improve their maths with the videos produced – will continue on now that the production phase is over and grow over the coming months as more of our staff start to use and recommend the resources to students.

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