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What’s it all about?

Explore the forefront of automotive technology and take your career to the next level with the IMI Level 3 Award in Diagnosing, Rectifying, and Recalibrating Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Components. Designed for individuals passionate about vehicle maintenance and repair, this specialized course equips you with the critical skills needed to tackle the complexities of ADAS technology.

This comprehensive program delves into the intricate systems that make up the ADAS, teaching you how to identify, diagnose, and rectify faults with precision. You'll learn the hands-on techniques for recalibrating essential components such as optical, radar, lidar, and ultrasonic systems, ensuring vehicles function safely and efficiently.

Crafted in collaboration with industry experts, this qualification is your gateway to becoming a sought-after specialist in a rapidly evolving field. You'll engage in practical, engaging, and motivating training, designed to provide you with the key knowledge and skills required by today’s automotive employers.

As technology advances, so does the need for proficient technicians. By completing this qualification, not only will you enhance your career prospects, but you'll also contribute to safer roads and more reliable vehicles. Embrace this opportunity to become part of an elite group of professionals with the expertise to work on cutting-edge automotive systems.

Join us and transform your passion for automotive technology into a rewarding career, ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry developments and standards. This is not just a course; it's your stepping stone to becoming an integral part of the future of automotive repair and safety.

Study level Cost
19+ please enquire

Our IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components combines practical workshops and dynamic classroom sessions to immerse you in the world of advanced automotive technologies. Guided by industry experts, you'll engage in hands-on diagnostics and recalibrations, ensuring a deep understanding of cutting-edge systems. Assessments include online tests and practical tasks, designed to validate your expertise and prepare you for real-world challenges. With our focus on active learning and applied knowledge, you'll emerge from this program as a certified specialist ready to tackle the demands of the modern automotive industry. Begin your journey to professional excellence with us.

The IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components requires a strong foundation in problem-solving and communication, making GCSE Maths and English essential. GCSE Maths equips you with the analytical skills necessary to interpret complex diagnostic data and understand technical specifications, crucial for troubleshooting and rectifying ADAS components accurately. GCSE English, on the other hand, ensures you can comprehend intricate technical manuals, communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, and document diagnostics and repairs clearly and professionally. Together, these qualifications underpin the technical and communicative proficiency needed for success in this advanced automotive course and the broader industry.

Unlock the door to hands-on experience with our IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components, where real-world application meets cutting-edge education. Our program connects you with top-tier automotive workshops and dealerships, offering unparalleled placement opportunities. Engage directly with industry professionals, apply your skills in live settings, and gain the practical experience vital for a successful career. These placements not only enhance your learning but also increase your employability, providing a robust network and a foot in the door of the automotive industry. Start your journey with us and accelerate your career to new heights.

Enhance your educational journey with our IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components, where academia meets industry innovation. Our program boasts strong partnerships with leading automotive brands and service centers, ensuring that you gain access to the latest technologies and trends. These industry connections provide invaluable insights, guest lectures, and potential employment pathways. Engage with professionals who shape the future of automotive technology and leverage these relationships to enrich your learning experience and career prospects. Join us, and connect with the heart of the automotive sector, opening doors to endless opportunities in this dynamic field.

This dynamic program is designed to fit your lifestyle, requiring a commitment of dedicated hours that blend seamlessly into your weekly schedule. Ideal for ambitious learners eager to advance at a manageable pace, our course offers a mix of engaging workshops and online resources, allowing you to balance study with personal commitments. Prepare to invest time in shaping your future, gaining invaluable skills in advanced automotive technology, all structured to foster learning without overwhelming. Start your journey today and drive into a new horizon of career opportunities.

This is a two-day course which can be scheduled throughout the year.

Dive into the future of automotive technology with our IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components. This cutting-edge course is tailored for enthusiasts eager to master the advanced systems defining the next era of driving. Whether you're dreaming of a career in vehicle technology or passionate about ensuring road safety through innovation, this program offers a unique blend of diagnostic, rectifying, and recalibrating skills. Prepare to become an expert in high-demand, making a real difference in the automotive industry. Join us to shape the future of transport, one advanced system at a time.

Discover the roadmap to automotive excellence with our IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components. Our comprehensive course is divided into tailored modules designed to elevate your understanding and skills:

ADAS Fundamentals: Grasp the core concepts behind Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, learning about their importance and how they enhance vehicle safety and performance.

Diagnostic Techniques: Delve into sophisticated diagnostic methods to identify and troubleshoot ADAS-related issues, ensuring systems function flawlessly.

Rectification Procedures: Master the art of correcting faults within ADAS components, ensuring reliability and adherence to safety standards.

Sensor Calibration: Gain hands-on experience with the calibration of various sensors, from radar to LiDAR, ensuring optimal system performance.

Industry Standards and Safety: Understand the critical safety protocols and industry standards that govern the operation and repair of ADAS technologies.

Each module is crafted to provide you with a deep understanding and hands-on skills, preparing you for a successful career in the ever-evolving automotive industry. Join us to elevate your technical prowess and become a sought-after ADAS specialist.

What’s next?

Upon completing the IMI Level 3 Award in ADAS Components, doors open to advanced study and diverse career opportunities. Graduates can progress to higher-level qualifications in automotive engineering or specialize further in vehicle diagnostics and repair. In the professional realm, you’ll be primed for roles such as ADAS Technician, Diagnostic Specialist, or Automotive Engineer in leading workshops, dealerships, and innovative car manufacturers. This qualification not only enhances your employability but also positions you as a sought-after expert in the evolving automotive industry, ready to lead with knowledge and skill in advanced vehicle technologies.

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