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Experience a dynamic blend of teaching and assessment tailored to fuel your passion for welding in the automotive industry. Our Level 1 Diploma in Automotive Engineering combines interactive workshops, real-world projects, and expert guidance to equip you with the skills needed for success. Assessments are practical and reflective of industry standards, designed to showcase your welding proficiency and automotive knowledge. As you progress, receive continuous feedback to hone your craft. Join us for an educational journey where your talent meets our expertise, shaping you into a skilled professional ready to tackle the challenges of the automotive welding sector.

Unlock the full potential of your welding career with a solid foundation in GCSE Maths and English. These subjects are crucial for this program as they enhance your ability to understand technical specifications, perform precise measurements, and maintain clear communication within the automotive industry. Mastery in Maths ensures you can accurately calculate dimensions, interpret data, and solve practical problems, while English proficiency aids in comprehending manuals, drafting reports, and collaborating effectively with colleagues. Elevate your welding expertise; empower yourself with essential skills that pave the way for excellence and innovation in your automotive engineering journey.

Elevate your welding journey with our Level 1 Diploma in Automotive Engineering, where real-world experience meets academic excellence. Our program offers unique placement opportunities designed to immerse you in the automotive industry. Forge connections and apply your skills in professional settings with our network of local garages, repair shops, and manufacturing units. These placements not only enhance your resume but also provide invaluable hands-on experience, mentorship, and a glimpse into your future career. Transform your passion for welding into practical expertise and set the stage for a successful career in the dynamic world of automotive engineering.

Step into the future of welding with our Level 1 Diploma in Automotive Engineering. Our course is crafted to connect you directly with the beating heart of the industry. We're partnered with leading automotive repair shops, manufacturing firms, and local businesses, ensuring you're exposed to the latest techniques and technologies. These industry links provide a unique advantage, offering insights, real-world challenges, and networking opportunities that bridge your academic learning with practical application. Transform your passion for welding into a rewarding career, backed by strong industry connections that open doors to new possibilities and shape the professionals of tomorrow.

Dive into the world of automotive welding with our Level 1 Diploma, designed to fit seamlessly into your life post-GCSE. This program offers a balanced schedule that respects your time while ensuring a deep, engaging learning experience. Expect to commit to a blend of hands-on workshops, practical projects, and insightful lectures, structured to make the most of your week without overwhelming you. With sessions planned to accommodate both your passion for welding and your life outside the classroom, you'll find ample opportunity to explore, create, and master the craft at a pace that fuels your enthusiasm and fits your lifestyle. Join us, and transform your time into the skills of tomorrow.

Monday to Friday between 9am-4:30pm.

Embark on your welding journey with our Level 1 Diploma in Automotive Engineering, a gateway to mastering the art of metal fusion. This course, perfect for post-GCSE enthusiasts, is designed to ignite a passion for automotive repair and welding. Dive into practical, hands-on learning while absorbing the fundamentals of automotive engineering and safety. Whether you dream of becoming a specialist repair technician or exploring advanced welding techniques, our course sets the foundation for a thrilling career in the automotive industry. Start your engine towards professional success and creativity in the dynamic world of automotive welding!

Each module is designed to build your confidence and skills, preparing you for a successful career in automotive engineering and welding. Join us and transform your passion into a profession.

• Introduction to Vehicle Technology and Workshop Methods: Explore the fundamentals of vehicle mechanics and the tools of the trade in a welcoming, hands-on environment. Understand how cars work from the ground up and master the techniques to keep them running smoothly.

• Health, Safety, and Good Housekeeping: Learn the critical importance of maintaining a safe and efficient workspace. This module covers essential health and safety regulations, ensuring you can work safely with tools and machinery while contributing to a safe environment for all.

• Skills in Removing and Fitting Non-Permanently Fixed Vehicle Body Panels: Delve into the art of vehicle bodywork. Gain practical skills in removing, fitting, and replacing vehicle panels, learning techniques that are vital for repair and customization.

• Introduction to Vehicle MAG Welding Techniques: Ignite your welding career with this comprehensive introduction to Metal Active Gas (MAG) welding. Understand the principles, safety, and application of this essential welding technique in automotive repair.

• Vehicle Valeting: Discover the professional techniques behind vehicle cleaning and presentation. Learn how to detail cars to a professional standard, an essential skill for maintaining and enhancing vehicle appearance.

• Working Relationships in the Automotive Environment: Develop the interpersonal skills crucial for a successful career in the automotive industry. Learn to communicate effectively, work as part of a team, and build professional relationships.

• Vehicle Mechanical, Electrical, and Trim Basics: Uncover the essentials of vehicle mechanics, electrical systems, and interior trims. This module provides a solid foundation, preparing you for more specialized studies.

What’s next?

Upon completing this Level 1 Diploma in Automotive Engineering with a focus on welding, students are primed to ignite their career paths or advance academically. Graduates may step directly into roles such as welding assistants, automotive repair technicians, or apprentice welders in dynamic automotive environments. For those seeking to deepen their expertise, pathways open to further studies like the Level 2 Diploma in Accident Repair Body Principles or specialized welding certifications. Embark on a journey where passion meets profession—transform your newfound skills into a flourishing career or continue your quest for knowledge in the expansive world of automotive engineering and welding.

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