The Careers Guidance Team offer a range of careers-based workshops. Bespoke careers sessions can also be requested.   

Careers Workshop Topic Level Session Time


Aims: Explore what an apprenticeship is, what is involved, how long they last, the different levels on offer, how to start researching and applying for Apprenticeships and how to create an account? What a traineeship is, what is involved and how to apply?

All levels 45-60 mins

CV Building and Covering Letters

Aims: Introduce students to the purpose of a CV and what employers want from it, be familiar with the different types of a CV, identify the key information to include, how to tailor a CV and why this is important and how to use social media effectively?

All levels 45-60 mins

Exploring Skills Assessment and Careers

Aims: Understand what a skills Assessment is and how to undertake one. Explore careers, what a job involves, what qualifications are needed, average salary, progression opportunities and identify local employers in the area.

All levels 30-45 mins

HE Options and Post Graduate Choices

Aims: Understand the LMI and job prospects, look at progression options including graduate schemes and post graduate study, explore what top-up years are, how to apply for these and where to find further resources and advice.

Level 3 & Adult 30-45 mins

Job Search - Filling in Job Application Forms

Aims: Understand how to apply for jobs, what an application form looks like, what a job description, person specification and personal statement is, explore employability skills, tips on how to make an application a valuable one and hw analyse and score job applications against a job advert.

All levels 45-60 mins

Job Search - How to Job Search Effectively

Aims: Understand the different ways to search for jobs and the importance of networking.

All levels 30-45 mins

Linking Personality Types to Career Choice

Aims: Understand more about their personality, look at career ideas and roles which fit in with their personality type, identify both local and national labour market trends and start to plan for life after college.

All levels 30-45 mins

Next Steps - Progression Pathways (General & Tailored)

Aims: Introduce students to different progression routes including further and higher education, employment opportunities, apprenticeships, training providers, work-based learning, gap year, volunteering and work experience opportunities.

All levels 45-60 mins

Not Going to Uni (NGTU)

Aims: Understand options and opportunities when not going yo university including employment, apprenticeships, volunteering, work experience, internships, gap year etc. Explore LMI, the hidden job market, useful websites and how to use social media effectively.

All levels 45-60 mins