Former plastering apprentice Jessika, enjoys supporting young people in taking their first steps towards achieving their life and career goals.

To promote Sunderland College to potential students and engage them in exciting opportunities in college as well as delivering exciting and engaging sessions in schools.

My job means that there is a face of Sunderland College so when people see us in schools and at events they know who we are and where we are from. The main impact is to excite people about the courses we have at Sunderland College and for them to apply for a course.

I never thought I would work in education!

It’s really important for young people to continue in education but also have a fresh start. It’s important they chose something they are going to enjoy as this will keep them motivated. It’s important for young people to continue in education and expand their skills to make themselves more employable.

The best thing about my job is getting out and about in the community to meet new people and support them in taking the first steps towards achieving their life and career goals.

Plastering Apprentice.

Why did you do a plastering apprenticeship when it’s a boys job? This question gave me the opportunity to explain why there isn’t such thing as a boys or girls job and how important it is that we overcome labels and stereotyping.

I think the biggest challenge is the variety of choice and the amount of options there is for students. However, with the right guidance and information students can identify the options best for them.

Attend open events and speak to staff. Think about what you enjoy in school and your hobbies and interests. Try to think about your own route to success and not follow what your friends are doing.

I like to think I’m very approachable and friendly so people can feel at ease when they talk to me. This really helps me in my role as I am always engaging with new people and supporting them with their next steps.

Bubbly, approachable and friendly.

Supporting potential new students who are embarking on their new career journey.

I love watching football and going out with friends.

I played the violin and trombone when I was at school.

Career and life highlights

  • 2012

    Started a plastering apprenticeship

  • 2014

    Completed apprenticeship

    Secured full-time employment with  apprenticeship employer

  • 2018

    Made redundant

    Started new job at Sunderland College