With more than 25 years experience serving in the army with the Royal Corps of Signals and working in the cable television industry, Sean joined Sunderland College in 2014.

I have almost 10 years experience teaching at Sunderland College, and four years as a learning mentor in a school for children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

I have 15 years experience within cable television working on power systems, cable systems and telephony systems. I also worked in telecommunications for 10 years with the Royal Corps of Signals.

I am an Electrical Installations Lecturer, teaching Year 1 and 2 students theory and practical skills, as well as how to write a CV and improving their interview skills.

Teaching was an opportunity that came up after I worked as an electrical contractor. I enjoyed the team spirit and the work so much I stayed and actually moved to Sunderland.

Watching the students grow in confidence and ability, and the fantastic team of lecturers that I work with.

Every day is a best moment for me and they just seem to get better.

Being waved at by students who have gotten an apprenticeship as they drive past in their work vans!