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Sunderland College is committed to ensuring our literature and publications are accessible to all. If you require any of our publications in an alternative language or format including Braille and large print please contact us on 0191 511 6000.

Website Access Keys

Access keys allow you to move around the main areas of the site without using a mouse.

Press the ALT key (Windows) or the Control key (Mac) and the appropriate letter key to jump to the link, and then Return to activate the link.

Access keys for Windows are the following (use the Control key for the Mac).

  • ALT + h Home
  • ALT + 1 16-18
  • ALT + 2 19+
  • ALT + 3 Undergraduate
  • ALT + 4 Employers
  • ALT + 5 International Students
  • ALT + 6 About

Access keys functionality may vary depending on which web browser you use.