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School children flying high

Passports, boarding passes and a trip on a training plane were on the timetable when high fliers at Sunderland College gave primary pupils a lesson in Travel and Tourism.

<p>Five and six year old pupils from Farringdon Academy School visited the College’s Travel and Tourism Academy as part of their studies on travel around the world.</p>
<p>To make the experience as real as possible the children – the majority who have never been abroad before – made passports and tickets, visited the College travel agent to book their holiday, went through immigration, check-in and took part in safety checks on-board the College’s training plane.</p>
<p>The youngsters used their imagination and chose to fly to long-haul destinations like New York and Brazil, and were guided every step of the way by second year Level Three Sunderland College Travel and Tourism students.</p>
<p>The event gave the students a chance to hone their customer service skills, especially those aimed at youngsters.</p>
<p>Dean Cornell, lecturer at Sunderland College Travel and Tourism Academy, said: “The experience was also great practice for our students in how to deal with young children in a travel environment.</p>
<p>“We can advise them as much as possible but until they come into contact with children it’s hard for them to really understand and learn so the exercise was beneficial to all.</p>
<p>“Bringing the children into the centre inspires them to use their imaginations and start thinking about their futures from a young age.</p>
<p>“It gives them a good idea about what to expect when travelling and also strengthens our links with the local community.”</p>
<p>Colleen Horden-Clark, a teacher at Farringdon Academy School accompanied the youngsters.</p>
<p>She said: “The children had a lot of fun learning about travel and what goes on when taking a holiday or trip abroad.</p>
<p>“We follow a creative curriculum at the school and travel was an area the children expressed a real interest in.</p>
<p>“This out-of-classroom activity is something we expect they will remember and learn from.”</p>

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